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14/27 Your Conscious Self with Pamela Lynch

Aired July 8th to 14th on Conscious Business Pamela Lynch

In this week’s Conscious Business Conversation Pamela speaks directly to you, the listener, about your magical your inner world. She encourages you to become aware of the thoughts and feelings to create that which you do want in your life as opposed to unconsciously creating that which you don’t want and why we do it.

Pamela guides you through a meditation called “The Green Flame” which is used magnetise what you wish to activate into your physical reality.

During this conversation, you will learn the four steps you can take to begin the shift within yourself to become your most brilliant, conscious self.

Pamela’s passion is to inspire women to say YES with courage, conviction and confidence to speak their truth and realize their self-worth. As a Business Growth Coach, she guides people to understand that your business grows when you do, and it begins with self-awareness and conscious choice.


We have a new concept, you can listen to this show from its air date any time you would like just by clicking on the link below for Instant Listening


More on Pamela and her shows. conscious-business


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