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14/27 Ask Sara about D.I.V.A-thusiasm at PLV Radio

Airing July 8h to 14th on Ask Sara with Sara Troy.

I am a D.I.V.A and proud of it.

What is a D.I.V.A-thusiasm? It is someone who lives in their D.I.V.A (dreams, inspirations, striving visions, aspirations) and is enthusiastic about it. We are born D.I.V.A ‘S, in a child’s eye life is filled will the ability to dream and be inspired by visions of wonderment that makes them strive to be….

All of my hosts on PLV RADIO Network are D.I.V..A’s, they have made the journey and re connected to their D.I.V.A and now are here to help you find yours. This show is a prelude to a show where you will hear from our host them selves about what they bring to you the PLV RADIO listeners.

We are here because we truly care and want to shed light on your possibilities so your too can embrace your own D.I.V.A. We are looking for D.I.V.A-thusiastics to join our family and be a part of this DIVA conscious.

We have a new concept, you can listen to this show from its air date any time you would like just by clicking on the link below for Instant Listening


Upcoming and past shows and more on Sara go to /ask-sara/

for her Positive Living Vibration shows go to positive-living-vibrations/


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