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14/26 “You Have Time”

Début Show Aired July 1 st on Own Your Money with Jeff Forrest

“You Have Time” means that if you’re listening to my show, or are reading my bio, YOU STILL HAVE TIME, to become a better you and build improved relationships with yourself, your spouse, your children, your friends, and your community.  Even though I will be sharing ways

to improve your financial health or ways to improve your exit to the hereafter I will be sharing ways to have more HOPE, more JOY, and more FUN in life.  The show’s focus will be to provide you with ways to reduce your stress in life and how to get your act together so that you will be happy and proud of the legacy that you are leaving to your children and the rest of your heirs.  Many of the shows will involve me interviewing authors, teachers and other subject matter experts who are making their own positive impact in the world.

We have a new concept, you can listen to this show from its air date any time you would like just by clicking on the soundcloud link below.

More on Jeff and his shows go to own-your-money/

YOUTUBE Story of “The Bus Crash”:



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