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14/25 Claim Your Mastery! with Kornelia Dengel

Airing June 23rd-25th-27th at 2-30 pm on Conscious Business Conversations with Pamela Lynch and her guest Kornelia Dengel


Join in this conscious conversation with Kornelia Dengel and me as we discuss the #1 energy that sabotages your efforts. This one energy prevents you from connecting with your soul and be who you came here to show up and share with the world. Learn the three steps both Kornelia and I use to dispel this energy to clear the way for love and success. I use it because Kornelia taught this to me, as one of my master teachers.

Kornelia Dengel is a respected leading edge evolutionary for personal transformation and leadership.  She specializes in Emotional Processing and has created a Wholeness Coaching Certification Program, which has brought forth a universal community of coaches who are committed to raising the consciousness of the planet. Transformation and radical change are hallmarks for Kornelia and others.  She coaches clients worldwide in the field of spirituality and personal empowerment.

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You may call her at 360-941-5783

More on Pamela and her show conscious-business/


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