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14/25 Ask Sara about THE LOVE’s OF MY LIFE

Aired June 23rd-25th on Ask Sara with Sara Troy

I have known unconditional love 5 times in my life, uncontaminated, no strings, utterly true and undiluted love. My first love was a border collie named Katy, our neighbours called her across the road when she was 6 months old, and she did not make it, my first heart break.

We then got another border collie named Kandy, out of all the puppies in the kennels she crawled over to me and just shivered, she came home with us right there and then. Kandy was my Dads dog going to work with him every day, never leaving his side until my Dad died 2 years later. She then became my Mums dog while I was at boarding school until we all went to live in South Africa, she then became also my brother Sam and my best friend.

Kandy went on dates with me, slept with me, and was my mate, between my bro and I Kandy went every where and was the talk of the town, but not when there was any type of loud bangs, then she was dust….She was an excellent goalie and loved to run, she died at almost 13 years old, she had gone blind, and could not walk any more and every thing was breaking down. my second heart break.

My next dog was a Tri-Colour collie, (sadly I have no picture of her any more) a beauty with a long nose long hair graceful and friendly. I gave her to my sister and her children to love when I left South Africa,  unknowingly to me she ended up in a kennel and was then put to sleep, a beautiful full of life girl who would have given someone a loving home had she been given the chance, it broke my heart, my third heart break.

Many years later, 3 children 1 cat and an ex husband, Kokomo came into my life. I wanted a border collie again and could not find one any where. Some called me to tell me there was one left with a breeder and of I went. I walked in the door, my kids all over the other puppies, but my girl came over to me crawled into my neck and cried, we have been together ever since.



Now 12 and half years later, with nothing but pure love each and every day, my little girl is showing signs of age. I cannot think of a time without her, her smile and nose great every time you come home, her eyes looking at your with such love, the way she makes people feel so special, and the ways she herded smoke, was a tale to tell. She bought me my business partner and friend Bill Mackie and they have been mates ever since she is a joy a pleasure a delight and at times a reason to live (outside of my children)

My cat Sativa, the family cat has been living with my daughter for the last 5 years and she is now 15 years old and going strong. She loves to socialise with Tasha’s friends but is aloof and snobby, and at 6 lbs was the terror of the neighbourhood before we made her a house cat. She and Kokomo had a strange relationship, she ruled and Kokomo ran……………..


Now I have Grand Puppies, My son’s dogsMinka 18 months and Sterling 6 months French Bull Dogs, Minka is death and oh so loving, Sterling is at that chew on anything stage, and both so adorable.

I also puppy sit my son’s girlfriends dogs who are park of the family now. Abby and Gus



Kokomo is now 14.5 and really slowing down, deaf slow, hardly able to walk, but still be my side. The day will come soon, she will leave me, but never will leave my heart or soul and always be my spirit.

Sativa is 17 years old now and living with me, she loves to go outside basking in the sun, and still rules the house. It is seniors Ville here, but their love and my love for them will always full.


Both my babies are gone now. Kokomo August 2016 Sativa February 2017


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This is an article I wrote when I first got Kokomo, Sativa was not impressed.

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