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14/23 Unsinkable Soul

Aired June 9th- on The Writers Divine Den with Jackie Van Campen

Please join me as I interview Antoinette Sykes and Valerie Sorrentino co-authors of the best-selling book {An} Unsinkable Soul and upcoming book Miracles, Momentum, and Manifestation: Unleash the Secret Powers to Having the Life You Desire. Antoinette and Valerie share about the co-authoring experience and how you can transform a personal tragedy into victory and apply that victory to different areas of your life, especially your business. A fun, informative, and lighthearted interview.

Valerie Sorrentino

As an author of {an} Unsinkable Soul, Healer, and restorative yogi Valerie has become a spiritual entrepreneur, teacher and speaker on the subject of Life Energy. Valerie Sorrentino rebuilt herself and her life from the inside out – born a lover of inner wisdom, gentle kindness and truth. This world-class transformational teacher and stress relief specialist, who can be reached at, resides in San Diego, California, sharing her personal philosophy, “Often, it’s not about becoming a new person, but being the person you were always meant to be, already are and are dying to express, now.” She helps successful people align with their deeper purpose and feel the fulfilment and joy that they have been working so hard to achieve.



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Antoinette Sykes

Antoinette Sykes, MBA, Success Coach, PR+ Marketing Expert & Speaker. With her wit, passion and infectious personality, Antoinette is leading the way for small business owners, women, and leaders to break barriers in life through claiming their voice and experiencing paradigm shifts in thinking for massive transformation in life, in business & in profits. Antoinette is a transformative leader, speaker and coach. She proudly helps small businesses expand their message for growth and constantly inspires and transforms individuals for out-of-the-box-living.

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