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14/22 Frequency Healing

Aired June 2/14 on Wise Health with Suma Nathan and her guest Mike Carey

Did you know that your body is made up of electrical impulses?  Just like everything else in the world, human beings have these song-like melodies that Mike has become an expert at understanding.

Mike Carey says he is a native of Idaho but currently live in South America.  I have been involved in alternative health for 35 years and have done muscle testing using cellular memory and the electricity of the body for the past 18 years.  What I do is an amazing gift and is extremely accurate.  Over the past 18 years, I have helped hundreds of people to regain optimum health by finding and eliminating the cause of their health issues as well as recommending the proper natural remedies.  My clients are all over the world and I connect with them by phone or Skype and am able to test them that way.  Because they get positive results, they usually refer their friends and relatives to me, so I have an ever-expanding clientele.  I have a toll-free number, for those in the US or Canada, that goes over the internet.  It is 1-208-968-5797   I also have a website and can offer a subscription service for those who want to be able to contact me on a regular basis.  It is also the best and most reasonable way to go for large families.



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