14/21″Power of Sacred Pilgrimages”…..

Coach Brandi welcomes Sarah Hoskin Clymer to Empower Hour. aired May 26th/14

Sarah will be sharing the power of Sacred Pilgrimages, how walking these sacredly lines can awaken ancient wisdom buried deep within our DNA.

Through her walks along sacred paths, Sarah re-connected with the deep strength of her feminine soul remembered the truth of who she is, and embraced her soul’s path.


For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  CLICK HERE

Sarah’s vision is an individual, global and universal peace through each and every person walking their soul’s path.   She now walks with both individuals and groups to provide local sacred walking and global pilgrimage experiences that serve as the calling, container and catalyst for people to walk the spiral path home to themselves – to reconnect with their core selves, embrace their sacred dreams and courageous desires, align with their soul’s purpose, and in turn, to contribute and deliver their gifts to the world.

This year, Sarah is leading two walking pilgrimages – one in June along the Spiral Paths of Cornwall Pilgrimage, a deep walk along the ancient spiral paths of Cornwall to holy wells, stone circles and standing stones.


The second is the Avalon Pilgrimage in early September.  This is a 5 day walking pilgrimage across the Somerset Flats into Glastonbury, England, considered to be the Heart Chakra of the Earth.  This is the precursor to a 8 day Glastonbury Pilgrimage that will include special tour of Glastonbury and a labyrinth walk up the Glastonbury Tor, a specially arranged early dawn visit into the center of Stonehenge, a visit to Avebury Stone Circle, an evening ceremony in the West Kennet Long Barrow, and a goddess ceremony in Glastonbury.


To contact Sarah and learn more about her programs and upcoming sacred walks and pilgrimages, please visit www.giftsfromthepath.com

For new and past shows and more on Coach Brandi go to /empower-hour


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