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14/20 Advancing Inclusion the Amor Way

Aired May 19th- on Rocking Your Role with Jenny Garrett and her guest Ruby Mae-Moor.

Ruby Mae-Moor is editor in chief of Amor magazine. She oozes positivity and focus and there’s no doubt that she’ll succeed in Business.  Ruby created a magazine with no experience or knowledge of the field, from a seed of an idea, which now has a huge following. Amor’s main purpose is to unite and empower women by offering representation for everyone, regardless of; colour, height, shape or size and the company embodies this inclusivity.

Ruby and host Jenny Garrett discuss:

  1. How anyone with steely determination and self-belief can start a business, no matter their background

  2. Pitfalls to avoid when starting a magazine

  3. How to have an attitude of gratitude



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You can find out more about Ruby and Amor Magazine at

Watch a video of her interview at

Read a blog from Ruby at

For more on Host Jenny Garrett and her past shows go to rocking-your-role/


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