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14/19 Writing Divinely

Airing May 12th 14th 16th at 1pm on The Writer’s Divine Den with Jackie Van Campen

Jackie used to be on Spiritual Awakenings and is now branching out to bring you Divine Writing and the spiritual message through the gift of writing .

Join Jackie VanCampen as she débuts on her new show The Writer’s Divine Den Jackie invites you to learn the importance of sharing your story and how her life transformed after she became a published author. Be inspired. Move into action.

Discover the magical world of written words and the power they have to influence our personal lives and the world at large. On this show hosted by Jackie VanCampen, you will have access to the literary world – receive tips that help connect you with the heart, be exposed to books that touch the soul, and learn literary strategies to becoming a writer and author. Let the magical world of writing take you on grand adventures of discovery.

More Jackie and her show go to the-writers-divine-den/


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