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14/18 Angel Card reading current Cycle of time.

Airing May 5th-7th-9th at 10 am on Spiritual Awakenings with Jackie Mihalchick

Angel Card reading for the week of May 5th and a discussion of the current Cycle of time.

Join Jackie as she talks about her recent adventure to a New Mexico Spa at Ojo Caliente.  ( This beautiful location is the home of a natural hot mineral springs.  They have multiple healing pools as well as wonderful hikes to ruins and mica mines.  Listen to her experience connecting with the P’osi tribe.

Jackie discusses her new understanding the importance of acceptance.  Notice how each of her stories weave together a message of what our cycle of time is telling us.

Finally at the end of the episode she lays a card spread for the current cycle of time.  Learn what cards appear and how they relate to the world today.

First card-  Two of Air

Second card- Ten of Fire


Third card- Page of Fire


Jumper card- King of Water


Enjoy and Happy Mothers day to all the Moms out there (male and female) <3



More on Jackie and her past shows spiritual-awakening/


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