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14/17 Claim It Live It

Airing April 28th-30th-May 2nd at 10-00 am on Spiritual Awareness with Jackie VanCampan

On this wonderful interview, Amanda Breese of Claim It Live It shares how we can be more empowered in our personal and business life, and how to claim what really want in life. Amanda guides us in a process to bring more of what we want and set our day on the right path.

Amanda Bresee is an Intuitive Business & Life Coach, Energy Healer, Inspirational Speaker, and the Owner of Claim It Live It; a coaching services company based in Scio, Oregon.  Her passion is to support the dreamers, truth seekers, and passionate solo-entrepreneurs of this world;  those wanting more from their life and/or businesses, and who are ready to create it.

Amanda specializes in helping her clients connect with their personal value, heal their negative belief systems, connect with their own intuition, and start defining and attracting more of what they want. Additionally, she helps her business clients to uncover their calling, navigate, clarify, and authentically design and plan their businesses while staying aligned with their unique value.

Amanda Bresee   Intuitive Vision & Empowerment Coach Inspirational Speaker | Owner  (971) 218-7579 FB :: Twitter :: LinkedIn

More on Jackie and her past shows spiritual-awakening/


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