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14/17 Ask Sara on Colour My Life

 Ask Sara with Sara Troy.  Aired April 28th

Colour it dictates our mood, our health our very well being, so what does your colour say about you? When I owed my fashion store Tabytha’s Wear Unusual colour was something I was passionate about. After all colour is what makes us look alive and speaks to our life and invites others to embrace our us in all our wonderment.

We will be discussing colours for spring and summer, how to put them together, what they say about you, and how to make an impression the colourful way.

Yellow, another colour I love, but not a cannery or washed out yellow. I love the deep vibrant yellow that jumps out at you to say hello. When I wear a deep rich yellow, I feel empowered, clean fresh welcoming and alive. I am clear headed and very direct in my approach in such a positive way. Again yellow worn with white, greens, creams, pinks, reds, really come alive and make a statement.


Orange is our sunshine, it glows within us, cheering us up lifting us up and wrapping its glow around us to makes us feel loved. I love orange, again I like it complemented with whites, blues, pinks, greens, it makes it so alive it is life.


Grey, another colour I wear a lot of in the winter, I like it when I am needing to be serious, I love accented with cream white and black. It is a background colour that allows you to be the colourful person that you are.


Pink, always innocent, but so alluring, it represents a childlike quality but also a sensuality. Soft pinks speak of infancy, of something venerable and needs protecting. But fire it up and you can have one hot Mama inviting a different tale altogether. I love pinks, hot pink, fuchsias, full deep alive pinks. Again but with browns, greens, blues, creams, white and accented by black, pink is very much alive.


I seem to wear brown a lot, I love it with creams, pinks, white, yellows, but all brown is very dull indeed. You don’t look at someone wearing brown as sensual, vibrant, or alive, but more as methodical, earthy and in danger of being dull. You know you can count of a brown wearer, but don’t look for spontaneity, I must be in my pensive moments when I wear brown.But have to admit the best brown in the world is CHOCOLATE brown. 


Red, ahhhh reds, I am empowered by the reds, I feel deep emotionally, deep in wisdom and feel that I am being heard. Red is such a colour of life’s passion it resonates loud but controlled and dictates the mood of authority.  It is thunder it is excitement, it is lustful passion, and it is so full of life that it screams living. You can wear red with anything, white to highlight it, blacks to deepen it, creams to soften it, yellow to make it fun, and earth tones to give them depth. But when you wear reds, make sure you can carry it off, your personality must match the colour of the colour will drown you out. You want attention, red will get it, wear it strong with pride ownership and in making a statement.


So black is not the darkness we perceive it to be, and I think it is slimming. When you put colour on black it becomes the canvas for the colour to shine from. Black is serious, it means business, but with a dash of that colour can go from severe to fun very easily.


Violet like purple are colours of truth intuition and soul depth. It is another colour I wear a lot, I

always feel safe in purples, it is pure, and it is honest. When I wear purple or violets, I always get a compliment, for it brings out my inner strength and opens people up to seeing my inner wisdom. I am for all my extrovert-ness in truth I am an introvert, I think in but speak out, I am completive and feel deep, so deep that some tines it is hard to come back to earth. Tis colour speaks of my soul, but reminds me there is so much more to me. Wear creams, pinks, blues, yellows with these colours, but know people will see your soul in them.


I love blue all shades deep bold and sky like vibrant. I have blue eyes and blues always make them shine. I do not like a harsh blue the cold base blue, I find it too cold. I like a warm base creamy soft welcoming. Pale of harsh blue on the walls can be very physiologically disturbing, as an accent ok but all blue no.


Green as we know is the colour of healing and

nature. Soft greens calm cooling the spirit and calming the senses. Green is always inviting, but I like it with something another colour to give it some definition. Green can be dull but also so vibrant with the right partner, it does make us think of the earth and all things that grow, and in that it brings us a sense of peace.


White, the pure colour, it is clean fresh a canvass for which to add other colours. It highlights, finishes, profiles, and makes us feel whimsical. The purity of white makes one feel free, at peace and a belief one can fly.

White, always keep it clean Sharpe soft and romantic, it also speaks to you professionally as someone in charge.


Prints are so much fun, the can express our quirky side and allow joy into our lives. But make sure it is the right pattern for you, you may be drawn to it, but will it look like a drawing on you? it must match your personality and not overpower you.

Colour your life well, don’t be afraid to embrace the joy expression and fun of colour.


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