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14/16 Get Connected with Purpose Globally

Airing April 21st-23rd-25th at 2 pm (10 pm UK time) on Rocking Your Role with Jenny Garrett and her guest Sarah Pavlou  who is the Founder & President of IWIB and an Independent Business Consultant.

Sarah clearly has an entrepreneurial spirit, she has the ability to recognise and create the right opportunities for joint ventures, company growth and business development on a local and international level. She is also a professional networker, with an extensive network of successful business relationships, established on a global level.

Sarah and host Jenny Garrett discuss:

  1. How to think globally for your business from the start

  2. Not just networking, but getting connected with purpose

  3. Why delegation is key and how to do it

You can find out more about Sarah and her work

Watch a video of her interview at

Read a blog from Sarah  – Are you Running a Business or is your Business Running you? at

For more on Host Jenny Garrett and her past shows go to


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