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14/15 “100 Daily Messages”

Airing April 14,16 & 18 @ 10 am on “Spiritual Awakening” with Jackie Van Campen

Leta Hamilton

Leta Hamilton is a channel to many angels, light beings and ascended masters. She uses a muscle testing technique developed over many years to bring forth energy translated into words and downloads. Her mission is to bring peace to as many hearts as she is capable through focusing on her own peace and contentment in every moment. Her channeled series “100 Daily Messages” is a daily blog post, which becomes a meditation book after 100 days. She is currently on her fourth in the series and the others can be found at For more information and to learn about her work with individual clients, please visit her website. She currently lives in Seattle, WA with her husband and four sons.

Leta Hamilton Author, The Way of the Toddler. For more information, see the website


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