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14/14 Ask Sara about Saying Goodbye Beautifully.

Aired April 7th on Ask Sara with Sara Troy. Saying Goodbye can be Beautiful.

Mama Joanna at 70 years old

I have gone home to say goodbye to my 94-year-old Mama Joanne. I have mixed feelings on this, I am so pleased to be going home to see her, a chance to go down memory lane, and to say thank you to her for all she is and has done for me; But it is also hard to know that this is the last time.

I read a facebook spot where someone had overheard a mother and daughter saying goodbye for the last time at an airport and they said to each other May your life be enough’, and it made me think. When is enough enough? have I said enough, done enough, cared enough? When do we know?

027_edited-1 (3)Jo and Sam

Mama Joanna on her 94th Birthday with my brother Sam.

I intend to bring up happy memories, and laugh and give her the peace she needs to pass into her night in tranquillity with no fear and no regrets. I hope I have the strength to meet this challenge and that when I return after our goodbye, that she feels safe to cross into her new world a place of peace and joy knowing that in spirit and love I am with her all the way. I love you Mama Joanna and thank you for my life and for loving me as you do.


My Good Bye to Mama

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Her 95th Birthday 3 weeks before she passed.




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