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14/13 The Importance of Releasing!

Airing March 31st and April 2nd & 4th at 10 am on Spiritual Awakenings with Jackie Mihalchick’s

SO often we over look the importance of letting go.  We get caught up dragging everything in our lives with us. We strive to be the perfect employee, mother, wife, daughter, Son, Husband…In this strive to perfection we so often forget who we are.  The very act of doing something for ourselves causes us undue stress and anxiety.  Picking a restaurant or movie to watch can be impossible.  The inability to make simple decisions stresses us out even more.  So what do we do about it?

Well…it honestly can be as simple and giving yourself permission to let everything go!  Even it if is just for 5-20 minutes…. Seriously…what do you have to lose? 🙂

So please join me as I guide you through a mini energy run.


More on Jackie and her shows at /spiritual-awakening/


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