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14/11 Ditching the Judgment, Activating Your Brilliance!

Airing March 17th. Consciousness Certified Facilitator and creator of “The Naked Revolution”, Katherine McIntosh.  Join us as this powerhouse visionary shares amazing tools that support you in getting free of judgment and activating your brilliance. 

Katherine McIntosh is a motivational speaker, transformational life coach, activator, awakener & mom.  Katherine is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, has a background in somatic psychology, shamanic studies, dance movement therapy and has a gift for bodies.  She believes that every single being is talented, amazing, and gifted beyond what they are able to see or willing to be.

Katherine’s work in this world is to create space for companies, organizations, and individuals to recognize their brilliance, to grow their bottom line, and to create a life that includes their genius.  Her work is sharp, quick, to the point, unorthodox, and very effective.  Katherine has worked and travelled all over the world with her family contributing to creating more consciousness on the planet.  Katherine’s mission is to help 10,000 people get free of judgment.   Without judgment, everything is possible.



For shows on your mobile device, you can download free mobile apps here:  Soundcloud


For new and past shows and more on Coach Brandi go to /empower-hour/


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