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14/10 Why we need more compassion is busines

Airing March 10th-12th-14th at 2pm (UK 10PM) on Rocking Your Role with Jenny Garrett. 

We wish to congratulate Jenny on her award The Women’s Coach of the Year Award (UK) and was the final Award to be announced at the APCTC Association and she won it, truly well deserved. 

Jackee is a coach, writer, published author, interfaith minister and creativity expert. Jackee works nationally and internationally with teams, groups and individuals. She is the author of Soul Purpose, Be Your Own Best Life Coach & 49 Ways To Write Yourself Well.

Jackee’s interview with host Jenny Garrett is full of spirit and laughter, they discuss, why:

  1. Where you are right now is perfect

  2. Challenging relationships are a good thing

  3. We need to extend compassion to ourselves

You can find out more about Jackee Holder at

Watch a video of her interview at

Read a blog from Jackee  here

For more on Host Jenny Garrett and her past shows go to /members/jenny-garrett/


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