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14/10 Surround yourself only with those who nourish you!

Happiness and Success in Life with Angela Goodeve. Aired March 10th/14

Surround yourself only with those who nourish you! with Angela Goodeve. In this show, ft Johann Gauthier, #HRockstar, we are talking about the detrimental effects of having people around you who do not support your vision, and who do not accept you as YOU, in all your glory!

We also talk about the wonderful blessings, and unleashed power that results when you have people around you who accept you unconditionally and nourish your soul!

Have you ever been referred to as ‘Crazy’ just for being you?

photo 1

Do you the key people in your life think you are ‘nuts’ for pursuing your dream (Perhaps it is entrepreneurship; Living Abroad; or Choosing a non-traditional career)?

Do you feel alone even though you are surrounded by others on a daily basis?

Do you feel excitement and anticipation about the actions you are taking only to have that enthusiasm squashed by the negativity of others?

If so, then you will want to listen to this show, and start considering closely whether people around you are bringing you down, or lifting you up in life!

How would you feel, and what would be possible if you had 100% support, love, and acceptance from your Partner, Family, Friends and Colleagues?


I say pure ecstasy and joy…listen to find out how to get it!!!!



Johann opens, unlocks and debunks NBE doors = co-creating masterpieces with strong and vibrant teams, organizations, and communities.

NBE is Johann’s higher calling and purpose.

He loves to collect and nurture gems and diamonds fuelled by pure energy, creativity, and deep presence.

We weren’t born to be birds – Pitbull

Let’s live life to the fullest and make history!

To read Johann’s poetic, inspiring and knowledgeable posts on leadership, talent acquisition, and becoming an unstoppable #HRockstar, visit his site here:

Johann has put together some songs that uplift him and inspire him…they are more uptempo than the regular mixes, but refreshing just the same to get a positive energy flowing!

This is the song list:

‘ll be there for You – Bon Jovi

Zero 76 – Tiesto and Hardwell

Titanium – David Guetta (His Daughter’s fav song!)

Come and Get it – Selena Gomez

Latin Moon – Mia Martina

Dance Again – JLo and Pitbull

Peace, Love and Acceptance of Your Magical Self,

Ang 🙂

p.s. If you have any questions before or after the show make sure to leave them here, on the show’s page, on my website at send us a tweet or message in social media land, we are all over it!! 🙂

Upcoming and past shows and more on  Angela -happiness-and-success-in-life/


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