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14/1 Leila and Othello are well on their way prt 3

Airing Jan 6th and 8th and 10th on Calm People make calm pets with Josh Goodstadt.

We’ve done it!! Leila and Othello are well on their way.  Even though they experience more losing then winning at competitions, they continue to move forward and eventually are one competition away from qualifying for the next major level towards the Olympics. One evening after one of Leila’s dressage tests she informs me that they have actually been struggling in the dressage department for sometime.  Dressage is one of the most important elements in 3day eventing.  It sets the pace for the rest of the competition.  Without a strong finish in dressage the chances of qualifying are slim.  We need a solution.

Scan BMP (2)

Happy New Year everyone and remember the animals this season. 

More on Josh shows/members/josh-goodsta


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