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0079 How R U Coping with New Year Resolutions?

Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Josh Goodstradt.Aired January 2nd /13

How are you coping with your New Year resolutions? Is the intent there but not the conviction? do you know WHY you want to do it? Do you desire an outcome that is achievable?

Josh and I welcome the year and speak to the intent of making changes in our lives and not ignoring the why or becoming addictive to replace another addiction.

It is good to make a goal, but it must be within what we can cope with and not be unrealistic. Understanding that it is all about the permission to love and value one’s self and not live up to societies of families expectations. Personal growth is a must if we wish to grow in life.



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He is also an addiction counselor and understands the signs and the whys of addiction.

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