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0078 PLV Hosts Festive Messages prt 2

Airing December 31st on Positive Living Vibrations, the rest of my PLV Hosts share with you a Seasonal Message.


Jenny Garrett our All about Business host who brings us women entroprenuers who have paved the way. 

Tina Nies and Francie Van Wirkus who both host  Weight of your mind, to start off your day on the right vibration.

Jackie Van Campen from Its All Spiritual who guides us lovingly forward into embracing our own spirit.  

Angela Goodeve, our Dear Angela series insoiring us to welcome our oppertunites and be insired by her many gifted guests. 

Bonnie Gayle of Loving our sensual side who shares with us the liberation of loving our bodies and loving our selves totally. 

Michael Averill of Songs for Everyone, our Indie weekends host who brings us music to lift up out souls and let our wings fly. Micaeh gives us 2 messages and 2 songs so wanted to share them with you. 

Sara Troy closes out the message and invites you to join us in the New Year on PLV RADIO and see how the inspiartion keeps on growing. 


Airing 12 AM, 3 AM, 6 AM, 9 AM, 12 PM, 2 PM, 4 PM , 6 PM, 8 PM 10 PM Pacific Time.


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