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0077 Are women being MISSLED?

Airing December 26th on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Dennis Carey.

Many women have asked me – “Who do you think you are to write such a book?”  My answer is simple- I’ve lived quite a unique life.  I’d also like to think that I have some ability in objective analysis – but that is for the reader to decide. For the past 15 years, I’ve lived in the following locations:

  1. 1997-1999 Florida as a student on active duty completed undergraduate History degree.

  2. 1999-2002 Hawaii as a military air traffic controller

  3. 2002-2004 Greek Island of Crete as a military air traffic controller

  4. 2004-2008 Dividing time between working in Antarctica working and residing in Charleston, SC.

  5. 2008-2010 Florida researching and writing MissLed

  6. 2010-2012 Texas teaching air traffic controllers

In addition to the diversity of locations, I was fortunate enough to travel extensively to countries including Spain, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Holland, and the more mainstream nations of Canada and Mexico.

During the vast majority of this period, I remained unattached.  Being single allowed me time to  observe and analyze strangers’ and friends’ behaviors in public locations – typically, cafes, restaurants, and upscale nightspots.  It also permitted me a long period to hear various people’s stories of confusion, anguish, and conflict when dealing with men and women.

What I was told and what I noticed was often not very pretty.  Increasingly, especially in the last five or so years, a significant amount of women have behaved in conflict with their long-term interests. Coincidentally, recent news reports indicate that women are less happy now than they were 20 years ago (while men are slightly more happy, on average).

Are the two linked?  In my (non-humble) opinion, without a doubt.  Contrary to their current image, most men are not fools.  Many of them have observed the same phenomenon – and have altered their behaviors toward women.  They have also adjusted their expectations and beliefs regarding women accordingly.  Sadly, in most cases, men now look at women with much lower levels of respect, trust, and admiration.  In the recent past, most men considered most women much more trustworthy and worthy of respect.  Consequently, they behaved better and became accomplished, mature men in order to impress women.  That is changing – and for the worse, for both men and women. Why?  Due to a factor that few have considered and even fewer have commented upon – WOMEN influence men’s behavior and life choices much more so than vice-versa.

MissLed aims to illuminate the various beliefs and behaviors of misguided women, and how they impact both women themselves and their friends, family members, and society as a whole.  While endeavoring to accomplish this, it seeks to follow the Japanese proverb: Fix the problem, not the blame.

Airing 12 AM, 3 AM, 6 AM, 9 AM, 12 PM, 2 PM, 4 PM , 6 PM, 8 PM 10 PM Pacific Time.


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