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0075 Religion and Faith are they the same?

Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guests Mary Elizabeth Hoffman and Jackie Mihalchick; Aired Dec 19/13


What is faith today and as people embrace their spirit within in new ways, does that mean they take a different path in their faith?

We will share what differences have we as soul guiders have seen over the last year since the 5th dimension opened up on 11-11 2012 and discuss if we have more soul believers today and if religion is changing to the needs of their followers.

Is religion losing its grasp or is it within itself also changing to embrace this new dimensional energy?

Across the globe are people waking up to a new faith, a new way of being faithful, praying to a new type of kinder God? And how does this change our understanding or God, faith, Soul, Spirit that is within us?

We will also go into the spiritual joys of Christmas of coming together in a universal prayer of peace joy and love to the world. That no matter your faith or religion we can universally vibrate on the same frequency to bring harmony to us all, starting within our own souls.



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Jackie Mihalchick; Clairvoyant, Intuitive, Teacher, Speaker and blogger of A Clairvoyant Journey, is teaming up with Michelle DesPres to demystify what it means to live a spiritual life.


It’s All Spiritual. The very core of our existence is based in the spirit of the universe, within us is the meaning of life of our purpose here in earth. When we choose to trust the positive vibrations of the cosmos we begin to understand what they mean.

More on Jackie’s show its-all-spiritual


Mystical Insights with Mary Elizabeth Hoffman. Having been raised a Southern Baptist, Mary Elizabeth’s greatest influence was her grandfather on her father’s side who was an active participant in the Pentecostal Holiness movement. Through him she was exposed to the supernatural, prophecy, laying on of hands for healing and speaking in tongues.

Mystical Insights . Because of this she has researched and studied many varied belief systems, philosophies, mythologies and psychologies the world over for Truth. Mary weekly brings to us an understanding and insights to the powers that lie within us and within our cosmic world.

For Mary’s show info metaphysical-insights

More on Sara Troy. about/about-sara-troy


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