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0074 The Honor & Duty of being a Mayor

“Positive Living Vibrations” with Sara and her guest Mayor Deb Walters, aired 12-17-2013

Small City big City the responsibility of taking on the roll of being a Mayor is a balance of integrity and liability. Mayor Deb Walters takes her role as a Mayor very seriously and believes in doing her very best for the community she loves and values.

Mayor Walters #4085 V2

“My passion revolves around the simple pledge to fight every day to keep Pitt Meadows a city of beauty and charm, that will be as livable and affordable for my children to raise a family in as it was for me.” 

Deband has two children, Scott and Cayley. Deb says ”That it has been a tremendous privilege for her husband Len and I to raise a family in this is a wonderful area and to call this beautiful place a home”

Winner of the 2005 Pitt Meadows Citizen of the Year Award, Deb recognizes the spirit of volunteerism that is such a huge part of this community. She is a member of many volunteer committees and boards. She strongly believes in giving back to her community.



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Pitt Meadows is about to turn 100 years old in 2014, and there are many great things in store for this city that Deb Walters loves so much. 


A Leaders Strength comes not only from having the strength to stand up for what is right, but also from listening to people. Deb possesses both these qualities, and that why she is the Mayor of a the city she loves.

At Pitt MEADOWS expect and deserve a full-time Mayor who will fight to ensure that Pitt Meadows remains a livable and affordable city for future generations.

Deb is  leading Pitt Meadows to a bright and prosperous future, while maintaining its wonderful charm that we are so proud of. She believes this can be best achieved by engaging residents in meaningful collaboration to contribute to the success of our community.

Deb is now retired but sharing the Mayor role is key yo any oen who walks that path. 

Please note we also have a great Friends in Need food bank led by volenteer Pat feeding those less fortunate. Please support your local food banks, and together we can stop hunger. feeding-those-who-need

Or read what you can do to help your cities hungry.


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