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0072 Parenting a Modern Day Prophet.

Originally aired  12-10-2013 on “Positive Living Vibrations” with Sara Troy and her guest Alison Elsberry.


What do you do as a parent if you have brought into this world a spiritually gifted child? You cannot bring the child up the traditional way as they are Divinely directed, so what does a parent do in such cases and how do you recognize a spiritually gifted child?

Alison Elsberry is the creator of the “Divine Motherhood” movement for supporting Moms to empower their spiritually gifted children.  Her passion is supporting Moms whose children are Prophets and Divine Messengers.  “She helps Moms break free of overwhelm, fear and doubt so their children are free to share their gifts with the world.”

Her spiritual workshops and holistic programs are essential steps into Divine Motherhood so you can enjoy an easy relationship where your child’s gifts flourish as your love guides the way.

‘You already know in your heart your Child is special and here to share a big message with the world.  But did you know you may also be parenting a modern day Prophet?”

Join her in a lively discussion as we uncover how to understand if your child is a Divine Messenger and what it takes to truly parent one with ease so you have the clarity and peace to support their spiritual path with the confidence you desire.

There’s an increasing awareness of children who are here to share healing messages and Motherhood is evolving to meet their unique spiritual needs.  This is an evolutionary shift into Divine Mothering so your relationship is guided by following your intuition and wisdom without second-guessing yourself.                                                                                                           There’s never been a better time to enjoy parenting with the freedom your soul is here to embrace!

Alison has a special gift for the listeners tune in to find out what.



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