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0068 Thirty-four kids are missing from the mountain town of Spurlake B.C.

“Positive Living Vibrations” with Sara Troy and Sam Hawksmoor.Aired 11-26-2013

We speak on his books like  The Repossession and The Hunting with new book The Repercussions of Thomas D . Sam is a Joint winner of The Wirral ‘Paperback of the Year’ + Bronze winner of the Amazing Book Award + Finalist for The Leeds Book Awards 2013 Sam has a wide audience like bears and from teens to adults.



Sam on About Becoming a Writer:

Writing stories has always been my thing. From early beginnings as a kid concocting adventures in Spain as I listened to my big sisters classical music – Manuel de Falla and Rodrigo mostly. I had never been to Spain so they must have been quite strange stories. All I remember was dusty streets and strange wistful girls dressed in black, longing to be somewhere else. But I loved reading, stories that would take me far away from my boarding school and mostly into the future. The future was exciting and scary. I always wanted to go into space and remember writing to Buzz Aldrin the astronaut and being shocked he personally replied. I eventually got to see the shuttle launch in my twenties and was amazed at the terrifying noise that shook the air. Sure as hell wouldn’t want to go into space now. We know too much about the damage it will do to human flesh and bone. Radiation mostly. Ridely Scott and Philip K Dick got it right in Bladerunner. The future of space exploration is for intelligent robots.

The Family on the Move

My family moved around a lot after my Pa died and we went to South Africa for a while and then back to Canada. Each time it meant saying goodbye to friends and then having to make new ones. Maybe that’s how one becomes a writer – the need to invent new friends who’ll come with you wherever you go. That and a dog, of course. A boy should have a dog. Helps you learn to care about someone else and as long as you keep throwing that stick they’ll love you forever. I guess that’s why there’s often a dog in my stories. That’s Koko in the water who lives in Pitt Meadows with my sister Sara Troy.

After careers that involved travel and photography and jointly editing a long running web magazine, it’s pretty much all been about writing. (Add a smattering of gold prospecting in B.C. & Nevada whilst researching a novel) and teaching at University, (Running Masters Programmes at Falmouth & Portsmouth Universities). Somewhere back there also writing radio drama (About 35 plays), I starting teaching ‘Writing for Kids’ which proved to be one of the most popular courses I ran. From there started writing my own stories and it was great having key individuals reading them and offering advice. My heart belongs to Vancouver, no matter where I am at any present time. The shift of historical gravity has already moved to the Pacific Rim (not be confused with the monster movie) because of the growth of China and Vancouver is one of the lucky cities that reflects that huge change in the buildings and people that flock to live there.  This is one of the places where the future is visible and a place unshackled by the past. I love to set my adventures there. The Repossession is set in the mountain town of Spurlake. Spurlake must have been pretty exciting place to live in around 1890. A couple of years before that no one lived there at all.  It was a barren, lonely mountainside facing onto a lake.  Once gold was found a whole city grew in just months.  People came from all over the world to get rich or more often die poor.  B.C. has a number of towns like this  – overnight cities that flourished until the gold out and then slowly began to die as people drifted away.



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here: http://www.samhawksmoor.comTHE REPOSSESSION An intense, edgy thriller for readers who love suspense, action and romance P’Six weeks, four days, sixteen hours and twenty minutes since the jail door had slammed on Genie. Seven weeks since the school broke up for summer. God had got her into this room but it would take more than prayers to get her out…. ‘ Thirty-four kids are missing from the mountain town of Spurlake B.C. No one ever hears from them again. The town community is considering electronic tagging all their children.  Meanwhile, Genie Magee (15) is imprisoned behind bars at home by her mother, who claims her soul is possessed by the Devil. The Reverend Schneider leads all night vigils to pray for the missing kids’ souls, to stop a sickness in the town that seems to drive the kids away. Genie has almost given up. She has seen no one, does anyone even know she’s up there, starving herself to nothing? She knows she is slowly going crazy, seeing visions. She is beginning to think she is as mad as her mother thinks she is. As stormclouds gather over the mountain town, Rian, Genie’s boyfriend, has not forgotten her. He plots a daring attempt to break her out and steal her away from Spurlake forever.


THE HUNTING The action packed sequel to The Repossession – Be Hunted or Become The Hunter Paperback: Order from Amazon now or your local independent bookshop Publisher Hodder Childrens Books ISBN – 13 : 9780340 997093 Now there’s $10,000 reward on their heads, armed roadblocks on the highway, and the dreaded threat of ‘Mosquito’ that can shut down their brainwaves by using their genetic information against them. There’s only one possible escape from the bounty hunters with shotguns, and that’s down the wild unforgiving river to a bleak future forever on the run. Or they must turn and face The Fortress, find out its secrets, and use them against it. Seize their lives back, and fight for their very right to exist! Fans of The Hunger Games will love this tense teen thriller. and new thriller


THE HEAVINESS is out now – Print & Kindle – The thrilling conclusion to Genie and Rian’s story

Desperate kidnappers, crazy experiments, the evil Reverend Schneider, a genuine love story, what’s not to like about ‘The Heaviness.” Sara Troy PLV Radio 

THE REPERCUSSIONS OF TOMAS D  One Small Lie – Can Change History Forever Hero or Traitor? You decide Tomas is a boy haunted by a nightmare of being bombed. Night after night in his dreams he runs to the bomb shelter as the sirens scream. Every morning he wakes gasping for breath surprised to be alive. Now it is suddenly very real. He has no idea how he got to 1941, or how he will get back. Worse, the only person who believes he’s from the future might be a German spy! (KINDLE & Paperback)

Paperback out now ”Gripping stuff.’ ‘The perils of living under the Blitz brought vividly to life ‘- Amazon This is a story inspired by a WW2 photograph of my grandfather emerging from the rubble of his bombed out home in his pyjamas, the whole front of his house blown off. By chance the very same thing had happened to him in WW1 when a Zepplin dropped a bomb on his home killing his brother and parents. Sometimes war is very personal.

More on Sara Troy. about-sara-troy


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