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0063 Music and Michael one and the same.

Originally aired 11-09-2013. Sara Troy welcomes host “Songs for Everyone” Michael Averill will share his love for the music and being apart of the music communities of Canada.

Wanderer….Philosopher….Fun Doctor…..This tradesman of sound was born to bring people together, to make light of a troubled day, and to administer a steady I.V. of positivity to the world. Since 2002, the Kelowna native’s rapid growth as a singer/songwriter transpired out of love and encouragement from his unbelievable family, friends, and open hearted strangers. He emerged in Vancouver, BC as an intriguing World Folk Fusion artist in 2004, and his magnetic melodies and warm demeanor have been dissolving woes and changing perspectives ever since.

Michael’s musical aim is to provide a space for people to feel apart of something, and to be excited about living the lives that inspire them.


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More shows from Micheal go to songs-for-everyone

2011-2013 have been packed with three album releases that he self-produced:                                        What’s Life All About? (March 2012) Musical puzzle album

Music Links:

What’s Life All About?

New Day, New Path, New Legend (January 2013) 5 song score for a documentary made from an expedition in Nepal Michael participated in (Beyond The Gates of Phu)

New Day, New Path, New Legend


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