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0062 Have Sippy will Travel

Originally aired  11-07-2013 on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Samantha

Travel is an education and embracement of cultures and historical adventures, travelling with a child opens up your view of life in a whole new way.

Sam 1

Samantha, the owner of Have Sippy Will Travel, lives up to her title. She speaks several foreign languages and has extensive travel experience. She has several degrees in education, with minors in women’s studies and literature, and is in graduate school.  A travel and parenting expert, writer, and teacher, Samantha has dedicated her life to children and education. She feels that travel and culture should play an important part in a child’s development and exposure to their environment.



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Samantha is also a columnist and freelance writer who has been featured on various websites, magazines, and newspapers.  She has several regular columns (traditional media) on travel, products, and parenting.  She has worked on social media projects and tours, hosts twitter parties, blog tours, and is the social media manager and/or brand ambassador for several companies, including National Geographic and the Bronx Zoo.  She is also (most importantly) a mother, and is involved with animal, environmental, and human rights groups.

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