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0061 Changing our mind to change our bodies.

 Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest  Ania Glowacka. Originally aired 11-05-2013.

Ania is a Holistic Life Coach, BCRPA certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist with Twist Sport Balance and Twist Sport Strength training as well as a mother of two.  Drawing on seven years of experience, she has worked with clients to achieve all health and fitness goals from weight loss to weight gain; muscle gain; post physiotherapy; pre and post natal; sport specific and functionality training.

Having gone through her own personal health and weight loss journey she understands that the process is an individual journey:  what works for one person may not work for the next.  As well as from her personal progress, her seven years of experience working with clients has shown her that the journey begins with the mind primarily all the mental blocks and negative habits we have in place.  By working with the mind to change unwanted thought patterns and habits first, a platform is created for permanent healthy lifelong change with weight loss and optimal health being a fun and easy side effect.

Because her passion lies in helping others obtain their health goals, it has become her mission to tailor every program to each individual’s specific needs, and to give all the expertise, support, guidance, motivation and time needed to reach those goals.  Her dedication to her clients is above and beyond what is required, and never waivers.  She believes that everyone is entitled to the best possible quality of life and will do everything she can to help her clients achieve just that.  She also believes in educating her clients so they can maintain their new healthy habits all throughout their lives.



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Contact Information:

Ania Glowacka

      BC    604-762-6720

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