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0060 Cyber & Verbal Bullying and its Ramifications

Aired 10-31-2013.


Join us Sara, Josh and Angela for a round table forum bringing you different perspectives on this epidemic and what we can do to stop the needless pain a tweet, face book, verbal, or you tube video can have when not taking into effect the person they are harming.

A Bully will always be a bully until they own their actions and change directions. School ground in the home at work in society, we have to stop the cycle and understand the Ramifications that are forever being replayed in our minds and hearts. No one is born a bully they are made.

Angela Goodeve is a host on PLV RADIO with her “Dear Angela” morning show and is a couch redirection people into living a  prosperous life and a more peaceful life than you can ever imagine!


Josh Goodstadt is new to PLV RADIO with his show “Calm People Calm Pets”. Josh is also an addictions couch and with his expertise in animal, training understands the need to recondition our understanding in order to over come.

More on Josh’s shows here calm-people-calm-pets




More on me your host Sara about-sara-troy

One person being bullied is too much, it is time to stop the bullying.


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