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0058 From Opera to DEROSNEC, a multimedia artist with audiovisual storytelling.

Premiering 10-24-2013. DEROSNEC is the multimedia audiovisual project of Nina Helene Hirten.

Visually, DEROSNEC is a filmmaker and illustrator. Her passion for storytelling has inspired shorts, movies, and graphic novels as well as standalone pieces of drawn or painted images. She has created everything from animated shorts, to documentary vignettes, to music videos.


She works closely with the band Model M and Everson Poe.

Nina Helene Hirten, known as DEROSNEC, is a multimedia artist with a focus on audiovisual storytelling. Raised by an opera singer and a composer, her childhood was surrounded by music, and much of the time she found herself sitting through concerts and drawing pictures of the images that she would get from her listening experience. She was taught to sing operatically at a very young age, and soon taught herself to play many instruments such as guitar, bass, drums, and piano.


Catch her on :

 Show airs at 12 AM, 3 AM, 6 AM, 9 AM, 12 PM, 2 PM, 4 PM , 6 PM, 8 PM 10 PM pacific time 

MISSION STATEMENT . DEROSNEC is dedicated to redefining the “music video”. Pulling from the concept of “rockopera” films such as Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” and The Who’s “Tommy”, she writes music with corresponding videos and movies in mind. DEROSNEC is uniquely capable as a multimedia artist. Her audiovisual intentions are immediately brought into reality, ready to be shared and experienced. Thanks to years of practice as a professional video producer and independent music maker, DEROSNEC’s important themes and messages of strength, self confidence, perseverance, and emotional/spiritual growth are able to spread through a unique medium that is complemented by the needs and expectations of the digital age.

More on Nina

Also, you can download both our latest albums for free on Soundcloud:


Nina Helene Hirten Oh Just Peachy Studios Vancouver, BC, Canada


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