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0053 Saying to ourselves “Hello Healthy One”

Marti Avila’s on Saying to ourselves “Hello Healthy One”AIRED 10-08-2013 

Choosing the right foods and mindset to living a healthy life.

At the age of 19, I was 6’1’ and weighed 250 pounds. I looked like a moving convention center. I was always sick, in pain and usually tired.  I had hypertension, borderline diabetes, joint pain and many other physical problems. I tried diets, always losing and gaining the same 10-20 pounds.  I even went so far as going on drugs under a doctor’s supervision.  After two years of failure, I marched into a library (more like a waddle, actually) and read how to get slender and healthy.

I educated myself on all new eating habits and lifestyle changes.  In one year, I lost over 100 pounds and have kept them off for over 3 and a half decades.  I became instrumental in helping people not only lose weight but with diseases, some even terminal, get healthy, naturally.

Always giving advice whether anyone wanted it or not (to this day, I still do that… now that I think about it) Demonstrating that living in a “Preventative” manner, with fun and humor was the healthiest way to live.  Helping others soon became my life’s passion.  I am now a “Certified” Health Coach and can help people reach their health goals in a very slow, easy, fun manner.  In addition I’m proud to announce that I will be attending classes and becoming certified in Ayurveda, one of the oldest forms of natural healing in the world.

There is a saying “everything old is new again” and that is certainly true with Nutrition.  Because of all the BIG money involved with GMO’s, an extremely busy life style and stress, we have gotten away from eating organic, naturally and properly.  So most of my coaching sessions begin with the basics and that is where I’d like to start with today’s interview… from the beginning…how to eat “properly.”



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