0051 “The Power of Personality Types in Love and Relationships,”

Bill Farr on Personality types in Relationships. Aired 10-01-2013

Bill Farr (3)

Bill Farr is the author of, “The Power of Personality Types in Love and Relationships,” a book that teaches how to transform a strained relationship that may naturally be in conflict, or help people to find the perfect match for their personality type. The book covers the importance of knowing your nature versus your pathology. (Negative behavior patterns, developed in childhood, that take us away from who we really are.)

Our  “Emotional prisons” – what they are and how to identify yours. (Emotional Prisons are places you find yourself when unhappy, to the point of tormenting yourself over an issue involving trust in a loved one over something insignificant or untrue.)

Our  Mirror versus complementary relationship combinations.


His Book is available at – amazon./Power-Personality-Types-Love-Relationships


Email: billfarr@theartofunity.com


Twitter – twitter.com/BillyFarr

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