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0050 Must KNOW Facts to boosting your fertility.

Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest  Dr. Stacy Mobley on Fertility, aired  09-26-2013

Dr. Stacy Mobley, Founder and CEO of Bliss Natural Medicine LLC, specializes in Women’s Health and Natural Fertility. Author of the Forthcoming book “24 Ways to boost fertility Naturally” (Fall 2013). She provides virtual and in person support to busy professional and entrepreneurial women through workshops, retreats, private/group programs, and speaking – online and offline. She sets out to rock the faux notion that hormones only need a keen eye once you hit menopause. In her eyes, hormones go well beyond the sex organs. __________________________________________

Questions we need to know………

3 Must KNOW Facts to boosting your fertility

What does being fertile versus “infertile” mean? –

Is there a relationship between your hormones and your fertility? –

Why is it just as important for a male as a female to be healthy? –

What are key nutrients for a growing baby? –

What are two initial steps a couple can take to be on the right track?



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