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0044 Understanding Bullying and how to disempower it.

Their Story Matters presents a show that Originally Aired on 09-05-2013 on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guests Faisal Khattak and Tracy McGee and Susan Turnbull on bullying.

The need to understand bullying and how to stop it all while empowering the bullied.

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Another area of expertise for Susan for well over 10 years has been working with the “at risk” population between the ages of 14 and 21. Susan has successfully implemented many coaching programs helping young people overcome and shift the beliefs that drive the behaviours creating adversity in their lives.

Currently, Susan is launching a groundbreaking a new coaching program for “At-Risk” youth called P.A.L.S (Positive Actions for Life Success). This program will assist these young people in not only identifying the beliefs that create abusive behaviours but help those identified as victims of this abuse in becoming more empowered.

Both bullies and victims come from a place of feeling disenfranchised and powerless. Getting to the root cause of these beliefs, feelings and behaviours and offering cutting-edge tools and techniques for shifting these beliefs and behaviours is at the core of Susan’s groundbreaking new program.


Faisal Khattak

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Faisal wants to put a stop to bullying.


Tracy McGee.


Healing occurs when we are surrounded by people we trust, who listen to our pain, allow us our tears, and hold us (physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and prayerfully) while we work through the struggle.

Acceptance and Peace can be achieved through the therapeutic process.



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