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0043 The making of Synthetic Consciousness

Premiering 09-03-2013 Synthetic Consciousness 

There  names are Jeremy Rankin and Cole Hausdorf, and collectively, along with Will Richardson, our PLV RADIO sound tech guy, they will make Synthetic Consciousness a new radio show produced by PLV-Radio Network for weekend listening.

We will be discussing why they love to fly high up in the sky and the correlation to their love of music. Jeramy played the Viola for years and had a choice to make, music or flying, and the wings won out. Cole has been drawn to the skies for a few years now, but understands that is is music to his heart when he fly’s.

They will be bringing you sounds of the present and the future.

We will be bringing you interviews with local musicians, artists, poets, pilots, actors and up and coming people, and more. We will be talking about spirituality and delving into peoples lives and their minds. We will talk about astrology, meditation, reiki. All that good stuff!

Cole and I are both pilots, and we have avgas in our blood, as they say. We are addicted to the feeling that flying gives us.

More than that, we both are also addicted to the feeling music gives us. Music is our lives (along with aviation) and we are non-stop listening to music.

All day, Everyday.

And we will be playing music from all over the world and a wide array of genres from reggae to 60’s soul to rap up to metal.

Cole, 23, from Ontario, Canada and Jeremy, 21, from Brisbane, Australia and both young gents moved to Pitt Meadows, British Columbia in hopes to find something more from life. More excitement.


And here we are, doing exactly that, bringing you excitement through your speakers.

Good music, Good vibrations, Good people.

Make Waves.



Listen online now or download and listen to it later…


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