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0036 PLV RADIO NEW HOSTS line up

premiering 08-13-2013 Our new line up or PLV RADIO HOSTS


All have been interviewed by me and we still come on my Round Table forum discussing topics that affect our daily lives.

Show times are pacific time. 

The genres are 


8 am. Dear Angela on happiness and success in life.



Jackie and Michelle will be host every first and third Monday of each month on how to see the signs of your souls spirit and in how to walk in trust of the divine. We are all made of cosmic energy and divine knowledge, by getting out of our own way, we discover the true meaning of life is to live in divine purpose and loving wealth.





4 pm. Keep the tails wagging with Kimberly is for our animal lovers.                                                                                 


Dogs, cats, snakes, shelters, animal care and animal love.

All things animal will becovered on this show from care love food training healing to addressing animal abuse.






Throughout her shows, Dana Haynes will discuss how the planets affect your life, your awareness and decision making. Haynes will indicate the trends globally  showing how the planets project what is happening to the planet we live on and Mother Natures response  to mankind’s actions. Knowing we are all connected to each other, our home base, and the universe lets us know the birth path we chose this lifetime is part of a universal pattern we agreed to participate in.Your astrological chart is your blueprint, your life pattern, your contract for this lifetime.


images headphones

Here we play, dance and sing, for here we embrace every thing.


Paul finds the sound of the gong to be like hearing the vibration of the Universe. Uni being one and verse being a string of feelings expressed together the one true feeling.


Jeremy Rankin and Cole Hausdorf will be bringing you interviews with local musicians, artists, poets, pilots, actors and up and coming people, and more. We will be talking about spirituality and delving into peoples lives and their minds. We will talk about astrology, meditation, reiki. All that good stuff!

Check out their bios and show line ups at com/members/   and .com/djs-n-arts/


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