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0031 Sacred geometry and quantum physics = Life-Light® Tools.

 Katharina Spurling-Kaffl continues to keep the dream alive of her late husband’s invention of Life-Light® Tools. Aired on 08-13-2013.


Katharina Spurling-Kaffl has over 35 years of experience working in a variety of fields including pediatric nursing, financial management, fundraising, and working as a healer. She married Slim Spurling in 2001, the inventor of the Life-Light® Tools. Before long, she became a partner in his creative world of Light-Life® Technology – cutting-edge technology based on sacred geometry and quantum physics. She was and still is, fascinated by the potential this technology has to improve people’s health and the health of the environment. To name just a few of the applications of the Light-Life® Tools: pain relief, stress reduction, protection from Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), air pollution cleansing, and abatement of severe storms.


“These discoveries are really rather remarkable. Almost any human endeavor—in a production of materials, in health care, in well-being, in a preservation of food and plants—will benefit. There’s just an endless list.” ~Slim Spurling

Katharina and Slim’s marriage wed their commitment to their shared dream of bringing harmony and healing to the world and its entire people. Since Slim’s transition from his physical plane in 2007, Katharina and her dedicated team have continued manufacturing the original Light-Life® Tools, while also creating new tools to adapt to the energy changes Mother Earth and her people are going through right now.

Katharina will also be discussing her newly-named Amazon Bestseller, “In the Mind of a Master” which provides insights into Slim’s life and his life-changing inventions. This comprehensive book also includes never-before-published research reports and testimonials.


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Katharina’s natural leadership skills, her integrity, and her sense of adventure are being fully employed as she carries on Slim’s legacy. She is committed to making the Light-Life® Tools a household name.

Testimony from Sara Troy. I have been using these rings and small harmonizer for a few weeks now and have found my stress levels has dropped, my sleep is deeper, and the pain in my neck and body is loosening up a lot. I highly recommend these products. 


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Within U.S.: (877) 239-0211


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