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0029 Social Media Documentary Filmmaking.

Aired 08-06-2013. On Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Angel Hamilton Documentary Filmmaker bringing awareness on social changes.

As a social media-driven documentary filmmaker artist, Angel Hamilton has been driven to create documentary digital video art using her personal stories, social issues, and has assisted others in creating their documentary films and dramatic films.

She has taught her first workshop in 2011 at Women in Digital Culture Festival in Vancouver called “Social Media Documentary Film Arts”. She was met with enthusiastic participants willing to learn how to do digital video documentary filmmaking and marketing/distribution with social media. While she has been living in Peterborough, Ontario she has co-founded an organization called Media Arts Peterborough (MAP) which is going to be a monthly web series for arts in Peterborough.

While she was attending Kaleidoscope Digital Film Production she assisted in writing the script and production coordinator for a short film called “PIN” and she contributed as a writer/interviewer for “Lens of Awe” in 2009. Angel has attended Documentary Production with Capilano Documentary Film Program and has successfully directed three films. She directed, produced, shot, and edited both “ A Fool’s Tale” and “Poly Sex Confidential” and co-directed and co-produced “Angel’s Bike” with Nathan Kopjar in 2010.

She has worked for Red Storm Productions as a production intern with the Crazy 8s Short Film Event and has worked for Purple Productions as a producer intern for the movie “Amazon Falls” in 2009.

She has an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology and Archaeology and has presented her Honours Thesis on Archaeology of Sexuality called “Fractal Nature of Sexuality: Classic Maya and New Kingdom Egypt” at the 43rd University of Calgary Chacmool Conference of Archaeology 2009.

She has recently directed “Free Don Staniford” documentary video short with Wild Salmon TV

Association and Vancouver Community Television Association.


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