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0022 “Stop the Bullying” at the core and create Victors not victims.

 Positive Living Vibrations with Sara TROY and Introducing Faisal Khattak on understanding the Root of Bullying.  Originally Aired  7-23-2013. 

Faisal Khattak aka Big Dög is a d1ynamic Anti-bullying Speaker and Certified Anti-Bullying Coach. He is an alumnus of Baron Mastery Authentic Speakers Academy for Leadership. He is also Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a Certified Hypnotherapist, and the author of the upcoming book entitled “The Bully Mind”.

As a victim of childhood bullying himself, Faisal wants to put a stop to bullying.

Faisal wants to be the voice for all those kids who are raped and teased every day. He feels strongly that no child has to feel helpless and alone. He learned the hard way how important it is to build bridges and repair any gaps or disconnects in communication between parents and their children and now he is actively helping families faced with bullying. Once and for all he wants to help those kids who feel the same way he did as a child in Pakistan when he was bullied and molested at age five. He lost his confidence and voice. And he desperately wished he had someone to talk to. But there was no one to help and he continued to be bullied all through his school years.


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Faisal lives with his wife and two young daughters in New Westminster, British Columbia. He previously lived in Oklahoma where he studied computer science and opened and operated several successful small businesses.

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