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0019 “How big is your but?”

Premier airing on: 07-18-2013

Introducing Odette Laurie


Your “But”? The 7 ways we sabotage our own success and the Profit Domination Club.


Are you Tired of working too hard, for too little money? Tired of stress without reward?

Odette Laurie can teach you how to Get on Top of business and Dominate Your Profits!

You can Learn how to control your doubts and fears, how to kick your “buts” to the curb, and how to plan and execute a business strategy that lets you Dominate Your Profits.

Odette Laurie is a Business coach, Speaker extraordinaire, Supermom and Author of; “Profit Domination: How Successful Women Get on Top and Stay there~201 Rules for the Road” She is the founder of Women on Top and creator of popular programs like How Big is Your “But”? The 7 ways we sabotage our own success and the Profit Domination Club.

Odette is all about looking beyond the problem and uncovering the possibilities. YOUR possibilities. She’s a proponent of tough love delivered tenderly. And she’s a survivor — of much. Odette is your go-to gal when you need to get the answers quickly to what it takes to build your business quickly and successfully.

Odette is an award-winning entrepreneur with multiple business ventures under her belt. You see, SHE KNOWs how hard it is to start a business, to make it successful, to make money and to be happy. Odette helps her clients get the strategies in place so they can have the business and life of their dreams!

Get into conversation with Odette now and get your FREE copy of How Big is Your “But”?!


Listen online now or download and playback later…


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