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0014 It is never too late to live your dream

Premier airing on: 07-09-2013

Christina Waschko. It is never too late to live your dream.

Christina is born and bred German.

Upon request of her father she became a real estate agent but, that job wasn’t  for her. Throughout her early years Christina always knew what she didn’t want to do and was never really sure what she wanted to do with her life!

Christina Waschko author

At the age of 22 she left Germany to escape her all encompassing, over  protective, dream crashing parents. She ended up in Australia, on her quest of no return, 

Australia became her home for five years. During her time Downunder, she also  lived on the Fiji Islands for 6 months  and another 6 months in Florida. .

As fate will have it, during a trip to the Bahamas she saw her future. It presented itself as a beachfront cafe on Paradise Islands. From that moment on wards her dream was born: To one day own a beachfront cafe on a Caribbean Island.

In Australia she met her boy-friend, now husband and she became a fitness instructor.

Together they moved to London. After five years in the UK they moved to The Netherlands where she finally opened up her dream, a coffee lounge with the name of Strawberry Lounge.

Apart from the location, Strawberry Lounge became Christina’s dream come true. 

One and a half years ago the family moved to Canada for a new chapter in their lives. During their first year  Christina wrote and published her book “Verry Berry Extra-Ordinary” A Mother, her Teenage Dream & Recipes for a Buzzing Business.  This book is full of cost efficient ideas of how to make your business stand out from the crowd. It is a very inspiring, entertaining and easy to read book.

Today, for the seventh time in her life she is recreating herself – this time as author, blogger and speaker.

On her blog veryberryextraordinay she entertains with stories about their new life in B.C., inspires by giving plain, simple, no fuss business tips and shines a light on extra-ordinary businesses. Furthermore, as speaker she created “Entertaining Entrepreneurs”a monthly get – together of successful business men and woman to learn and inspire each other.


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