0013 Just a Belly Buttons worth of laughs

Aired on: 07-09-2013 on Positive Living Vibration with Sara Troy and her guest 

Ben Hillman and his Just a Belly Buttons of laughs

Ben Hillman is a filmmaker, designer, author and illustrator who loves subatomic particles and Betty Boop. He has written and illustrated several picture books including “The Devil Ate My Blintzes” (Waterfront Press) and “That Pesky Toaster!” (The Walt Disney Company). Ben also conceived, wrote and designed a series of four pictorial science books for children published by Scholastic.: “How Big Is It?”, “How Strong Is It?”, “How Fast Is It?” and “How Weird Is It?.” Publisher’s Weekly calls them “so freakin’ cool.” His award-winning films have been screened on television and in film festivals worldwide.

Ben lives in the beautiful Berkshire hills of Massachusetts with his wife Amy and daughter Maizy. He is a member of the Sheffield Tree Project and the Antarctican Society.

He is also the creator of the  Belly Button App. a laugh you just cannot resist.

We will be speaking to the joy of writing books for kids which has been inspired by his daughter.



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