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Positive Living Vibrations with Sara TROY AND HER GUEST Jeanette DePatie    07-04-2013

About Jeanette: Jeanette DePatie (A.K.A. The Fat Chick) is a plus-sized, certified fitness instructor and personal trainer who has helped hundreds of people who haven’t worked out in a while (or ever) learn to love their bodies and love exercise again. She is author of the book and DVD, “The Fat Chick Works Out!” and she offers training programs and shares her workouts live on her website at: Ms. DePatie has held certifications from the YMCA, ACE and AFAA for Aerobics Instruction and Personal Training. She has taught many aerobics classes at various fitness levels throughout the country.

She is co-creator of the forum at with Ragen Chastain. She also co-created The Hot Flash Mob movement with Dr. Eve Agee which  featured a simultaneous bi-coastal Hot Flash Mob in New York City and San Francisco in honor of National Menopause Awareness Month.


Listen online now or download and playback later…


Jeanette also blogs regularly at and has launched a new web series called the Right Now Show on her YouTube channel at

Jeanette serves as a role model and an inspiration for beginning exercisers of all ages, sizes, shapes and abilities. Her unique 12-week progressive DVD helps absolute beginners to find a safe, comfortable and fun way to get fit. Her book, The Fat Chick Works Out! helps beginning and reluctant exercisers learn to get and stay fit. Ms. DePatie has also completed several distance races including a half-marathon, sprint triathlon and a full marathon.

Ms. DePatie has served as a spokeswoman for NAAFA (The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance) and currently serves as a spokeswoman (and board member) for The Association for Size Diversity and Health and The Size Diversity Task Force where she commonly speaks on the topic of Health at Every Size®. She has been interviewed many times on television, radio and in print by many important organizations including NPR, “The Dr. Drew Show”, Fox News, CBS News, ABC News, The New York Times, The Boston Globe and Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family”.

Live Streamed Workouts:


More on Sara’s shows go to choose-positive-living




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