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0009 The new heart and soul that’s revitalizing the business world

Daniel Gutierrez will show us how industries are changing their ways and how you can too. The  Business practices of yesterday have become outdated and a new conscious way of doing business is here and it requires some heart and soul

Daniel Gutierrez is an international business consultant, radio personality and renowned motivational speaker who has inspired people to make positive changes that lead to success. Leveraging his experience, his infectious humor, and his deep belief that there is greatness in each of us has helped transform individuals all over the world.

When Daniel shares his real-life stories that come from the heart, his appeal breaks the boundaries of many professions, ages and cultures. People identify with the pitfalls and celebrations, the tragedies and the successes, the heartaches and the search for inner peace for we all have a journey within us and only when we embrace it do we really see our true calling and potential.

He is also an Author of step into your greatness. Found on my site in Store front, Daniel is passionate about the direction business is taking and is guiding business and corporations into the new consciousness by leading them with in to now out.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Each of  his shows will be played 5 times a day at

8 am. 11 am. 9pm pacific time.

Look to the right of the page to Shout cast button, if not playing press play and Enjoy. 


Listen online now or download and listen to it later…



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