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0009 Relax into the energy of a new week.

Premiering 10-28-2013.  Weight of your mind with Tina Nies

Meditation Mondays are intended to help us relax into the energy of a new week. Tina leads a simple meditation to help us set positive intentions for the week. These short meditations will integrate positive affirmations personal to you and your needs!

It’s Well-Being Wednesday!  Today we’ll talk with Marion Licchiello is the author of ANYONE CAN! Live A Happier Life. She is a Law of Attraction/Vision Board Coach. Her focus is on overall personal development, healing, spirituality, health, fitness, growth, and wellness.

Fridays are powerful, often we are tired from a busy week and just want to relax, have a good meal, watch a movie, then sleep all weekend.  What better way to start the weekend than letting some stuff go, forgiving yourself and others. Today we’ll begin a conversation about letting go of self-criticism.


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