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0009 Jackie’s Interview with Leta Hamilton

Premiering 10-28-2013.1 pm pst.  “Love of Self” with Jackie Van Campen and Leta Hamilton on Inner peace, spiritual approaches to parenting, meditation and more.


Leta Hamilton is a channel to many angels and light beings, an author of 3 books on meditation and spiritual lessons from children and a radio show host. She offers readings and consultations on meditation and our soul relationship with children. Her website is In addition to her readings, she offers inner peace tips for parents and a weekly healing message from the angels. She is also the mom to 4 sons under 10 and a loving wife to her husband of 14 years. She lives with them in Seattle, Washington.

Leta Hamilton Author, The Way of the Toddler. For more information, see the website

Airing Monday repeating Wednesday and Friday 1 am pst. 


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