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0009 Guard your mind against others influence and control

Premiering 10-28-2013. Dear Angela 8 am pst. I am thoroughly honored that Eldon Taylor will be joining me as a Guest on my radio/TV shows!!   He is considered an Expert in the field of subconscious learning, and has many gems to share with you that could change your life…literally!

Visit my premiere post for all the links to follow Path to Joy and Prosperity TV on iTunes; Conscious Evolution Media TV on Youtube; and PLV Radio on Shout Cast and Sound Cloud (also see links on this page) so you don’t miss the shows!


Do you ever wonder why you do the things you do, and take  decisions you make in life…ESPECIALLY if you feel the decisions you make are working against your pursuit of happiness?!?

Did you know that literally 90% of the choices you make are made by your subconscious?

Are you aware that advertisers, entertainers and politicians pay specialists to develop campaigns that have subliminal messaging that effect our decision-making in their favor, and can even make us do things we wouldn’t normally do?!?

“Garbage in, Garbage Out!”…think about it!  We need to be vigilant about the messages we allow to enter out minds and permeate our thoughts so that we can STAY on the Path to Joy and Prosperity, Happiness and Success!!

Are you in control of your life, or are you being influenced by outside messages meant to manipulate you to believe you are not good enough?

Listen and watch the shows to take the first step to taking back your control!!…the first and most profound step is awareness of these outside influences!!!

The Brilliant, Witty and Consciously aware Eldon Taylor is someone that you will want to listen to again and again:

Eldon Taylor is the host of the popular radio show, Provocative Enlightenment.  He is an award winning, New York Times best selling author of over 300 books, and audio and video programs. He is the inventor of the patented InnerTalk technology and the founder and President of Progressive Awareness Research, Inc. who has been featured as an expert in films, print, television and radio. He has been called a “master of the mind” and has appeared as an expert witness on both hypnosis and subliminal communication.

Eldon is an ordained interdenominational minister and counseled individuals within the prison system, hospice, and privately for years. More than twenty scientific studies have been conducted evaluating Eldon’s technology and approach, all demonstrating its power and efficacy. Eldon is listed in more than a dozen Who’s Who publications including Who’s Who In Intellectuals and Who’s Who In Science and Engineering. He is a Fellow in the American Psychotherapy Association and an internationally sought after speaker. His books and audio/video materials have been translated into more than a dozen languages and have sold millions worldwide.

Be sure to visit my Book Review for Eldon’s updated, and newly released book:  Choices and Illusions~How did I get where I am, and How do I get where I want to be?

…there are LOTS of free gifts on the promotional page too…including a complimentary Life Coaching session and chapters from a book on transformation from yours truly to give you a kick-start on your Path to Joy and Prosperity, Happiness and Success!!!   You can find the link at the bottom of my blog post!

Show airs Monday 8 am pst repeated Wednesday and Friday.


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